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How to use a Hand Gripper?

I will be blunt. You must emphasise your grip strength. Just so you realise, most exercises in the gym need you to have good hand grip to perform them correctly and efficiently. Think about a deadlift or a pull up. If you got a sissy grip, it won't be long before your hands give out. 

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How to test your Grip Strength (Extreme accuracy)!

If you are at least somewhat interested in grip strength and grip training, then figuring out where you currently rank amongst your peers is the number 1 thing you can do. Here's why:  1. You will have a bassline to measure your progress against.  2. You will have an understanding whether your training is effective or detrimental.  3. You will see how you compare to others in your athletic performance  In other words, testing your grip strength regularly will be the key to making progress. We are all moving, the question is where? If you want to be moving forward, you must have a starting point to compare against right ? Keep on reading because you things are about to get spicy.   Let me begin...

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Do Hand Grippers Actually Work?

I remember as a child I could squeeze one like a hundred times. Of course at that point I didn't realise that it was one of those basic, beginner, Hand Grippers that's too weak for even for a six year old. If you remember that as well, then this question has surely crossed your mind: Do Hand Grippers actually work or are they some kind of gimmick? 

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Do Grip Trainers increase forearm size?

But hold on just a minute... Let's talk some detail. Although training with different grip trainers will take your feeble forearm to the next level, the factor that makes all the difference is how you actually train with them and which grip trainers you are using. You can't build a 30-inch bicep by curling a 2kg dumbbell right? 

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The Absolute Best Grip Strength Tester

Have you ever wondered how strong your grip strength actually is? Are you stronger than men your age? Women your age? I surely have! Like yourself, I train quite a bit, but I often struggle to actually see how I'm progressing. Is all of this training paying off or is it all a simple fad? If these questions have ever crossed your mind, well then you're lucky because we have something for you! Honestly, I don't even want to make you wait. What we have brought you is the ABSOLUTE BEST GRIP STRENGTH TESTER. With our Grip Gauntlet Dynamometer, you will never run into the brick wall of not knowing if your training is actually effective. You will have a...

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