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Which Hand Gripper Should I Buy?

In this article we answer your question "Which Hand Gripper Should I Buy" With a definitive chart. For most individuals the Standard 100lbs-350lbs would be the ideal place to start their training journey.

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Grip Strength - The Definitive Guide

It's the twenty-first century and it's clear to anyone who's been using their head that to lead a quality life, physical health and fitness is a must. For the average person this would mean going out for a run, or hitting the gym and that's all fine and well, but there's one area of our body often forgotten by gurus and workout enthusiasts alike - grip strength. Now, for most people, their grip trains to an alright level while performing other hand-based exercises like bench presses or dumbbell curls, but there's more to grip strength than first meets the eye. Grip Strength - What is it? People often think of it as just the power of your hand, and while...

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5 Key Benefits of Hand Grippers you must know!

The Grip strengthener, aka as forearm grippers, or hand grippers are tools designed to improve the power in the forearms, wrists, and fingers. As we are exercising and working out, our hands might not seem like a crucial part of fitness. However, our hands play a significantly more important role than you may think!

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Grip Training Equipment | Guide to Efficiency

Introduction How many instances have you had when your grip slips or fatigues, keeping you from finishing that last rep or reaching your limits? If you're incapable of gripping it - you're incapable of lifting it, PERIOD! Grip training is an essential part of any bodybuilder’s or gym enthusiast’s routine - and every single one of them uses some form of grip training equipment. Grip training is one of the most overlooked aspects in fitness and if you're not doing it, you're missing out on some serious progress and gains.  We here at can't stress benefits of training you grip enough. The trick is: to train your grip as you would your triceps, chest or back. Grip is what...

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