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Hand Gripper - 150 lb

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Grip Gauntlet Products are here to help you develop your Hand Grip Strength! This Hand Gripper is a great place to start your grip strength training journey! Consistency and correct forearm exercises will significantly improve your wrist strength and strengthen your forearm muscles!


Features and Benefits

- Works the flexor muscles of the forearms to an extreme degree

- This hand strengthener has Aluminum handles

- The Grip Gauntlet Hand Gripper is cheaper than most competitors

- 6 Different strengths to choose from to improve your forearm grip

- Under 20$!

Why should you choose Grip Gauntlet Hand Grippers?

The Grip Gauntlet strength trainers are extremely durable and cheaper than most of competition. "Captains of Crush" grip trainers share the same strength but are 3$ more expensive. The Grip Gauntlet grip trainers and are just under 20$. Furthermore, if you wish to purchase two different grip trainers, you will be eligible for free shipping, not something our competitors offer! Grip Gauntlet provides six different strength levels, that allow an you to select a trainer that fits perfectly to your strength level. This particular trainer, however, is a set strength of 150lb. If you wish to choose another strength, select the second alternative grip trainer that is featured on our website! The Grip Gauntlet grip trainers come with no surprises and are the highest quality!



A hand gripper with the difficulty of 150lb suitable for advanced athletes that have a strong prior experience in grip training. This tool helps you build significant strength in your flexor muscles. If you are ready for the challenge feel encouraged to attempt and close this grip trainer.


Quantity and Color

This product comes in two different colors, gold and silver. This grip trainer is pre-set to a difficulty of 150lb! This trainer is made out of aluminium alloy and carbon steel making it extremely difficult to break or scratch! 


The standard shipping costs 7.95$, unless your order is more than 30$! If your entire order is higher than that amount, congratulations! You are eligible for free worldwide shipping!

Due to high order amount, the product may take up to 14-21 business days to arrive, please give it time!

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Jonathan M.
Great gripper for those who already lift

This gripper is great quality and definitely trains the forearms well. Difficult to close but not impossible (I deadlift 315 double overhand and 600+ mixed) definitely worth the price!