The Absolute Best Grip Strength Tester

Dynomometer Grip Strength Tester

Have you ever wondered how strong your grip strength actually is? Are you stronger than men your age? Women your age? I surely have!

Like yourself, I train quite a bit, but I often struggle to actually see how I'm progressing. Is all of this training paying off or is it all a simple fad?

If these questions have ever crossed your mind, well then you're lucky because we have something for you!

Honestly, I don't even want to make you wait. What we have brought you is the ABSOLUTE BEST GRIP STRENGTH TESTER.

With our Grip Gauntlet Dynamometer, you will never run into the brick wall of not knowing if your training is actually effective. You will have a tool right at your finger tips that will tell you exactly, yes EXACTLY, how strong your hands actually are.

Grip Gauntlet Dynomometer

Until I laid my hands on one of these things, I always thought I was strong, I was surprised to find out that at that time I was simply average for my age group...

How exact are we talking? 

To the hundredth decimal place. Pretty damn exact!

How does it work? 

It's simple and intuitive. Set it up in your hand, and squeeze the living hell out of it. On the display you will see exactly how much force those forearms of yours have generated! 

I will tell you something. I clearly remember when I got my first one. That was way back when I was still in school. I brought this grip strength tester to school and gave it to all of my friends. Before I realised, we had an entire huddle standing and squeezing this thing. 

Everyone wanted to see how strong they were. Some went home and trained grip more, some consistently asked me to let them test their grip strength again. Others did nothing and stayed average.

The #1 Grip Strength Tester

Alright, sounds cool and all but I genuinely want you to get your hands on one, to actually know how you are progressing and understand if you are on the right path of training. 

Because of that, I am offering you two extra bonuses: 

1. FREE SHIPPING - Yes, I will get it to you for FREE, because I want you to progress. 

2. 10% OFF - We want to reward action takers, so if actually want to improve: Then CLICK ADD TO CART, CHECKOUT, and use code: GRIP10 for an exclusive 10% off. 

Lastly, I wanted to let you know that if there is anything wrong with the tool, no worries, our Gauntlet-Strong 100% Money-Back Guarantee will ensure that you get ALL OF YOUR MONEY BACK. NO QUESTIONS ASKED. But you have to act now. You are currently 1-click away from fixing the holes in your training bucket and actually moving forward.


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