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Hello and welcome to the Grip Gauntlet. Here you will learn exactly about how the Grip Gauntlet came to be and what it is!

Grip Gauntlet is an online store aiming to provide the best grip training equipment to all athletes. We consist of a team of seven individuals all eager to provide the most value and the highest quality products to our customers. This store was inspired by various social media influencers specifying in powerlifting and various other athletic endeavors. You might ask yourself, why is grip strength so important? Well let us tell you! In many athletic fields your hands are ultimately the contact point with a certain object, as in powerlifting you are forced to handle large amounts of weights when deadlifting. If your grip strength is weak the link with the barbell is ultimately broken and hence your lift is compromised. That may cost you a competition! Hence, we here at the Grip Gauntlet want to help you avoid it by providing the tools necessary to strengthen the often under trained grip strength. Additionally, in our store, we feature not only physical products, but digital guides, created by grip strength experts on how to improve your grip strength as well. If you decide to shop with us, we promise to provide the highest quality products at the lowest price.


High-Quality Guarantee: We at Grip Gauntlet strive to provide you the products of highest quality, if you find that a product does not fit any of your standards, please contact us and we will  resolve this issue by either providing you a full refund or sending you another free piece! We want you to enjoy the benefits of high-quality and a stronger grip and it is our job to make sure you are able to achieve your goals. 

30 Day Return-and-Refund Guarantee: If for any reason you find the products not as good as promised, feel encouraged to take advantage of our return and refund guarantee. If you wish to read more about it click here!

Fast&Friendly Customer Support Guarantee: The Grip Gauntlet Team aims to make your shopping experience with us as easy and pleasing as possible. If you have any questions please feel encouraged to contact us or access our FAQ page. We guarantee that your questions and concerns will be addressed within a couple of hours!

Free Shipping Opportunity: Are you tired of paying for shipping? Well no more! We at Grip Gauntlet are happy to announce that for any orders above 30$ you are eligible for free shipping to any location of your choice. No more hidden shipping fees! However, if you decide not to take advantage of the free shipping offer, the standard shipping will cost you only 7,95$!