The Guide to Hand Grip Training!

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Fitness enthusiasts and weightlifters have constantly wondered, what is the best way to build a strong grip and big forearms? Well this guide is here to help educate and explain the strategies needed to improve forearm strength and size!
Just like any other muscle group, for the best results, you need to train forearms regularly. In quite a few exercises, your forearms are the link between the weight and your body. A weak link will cause your strength to overall decrease. To avoid that you must train your forearms regularly.
The question is: How much and how should you train your forearms? 
We would recommend to focus on your forearms two times a week minimum, not including your other workouts. Doing so will give enough time for your forearms to rest in between workouts but also get them to grow. Now, that we have answered how often should you train your forearms, we can move onto the second question. How should you train them?
To create a strong and balanced (emphasis on balanced) grip you must train the flexor and the extensor muscles of your forearms. Most of the time, people prioritize and work only on their flexor muscles.
This causes many common injuries like Tennis and Golfer's Elbow! To avoid that you must not neglect antagonist training. To train your extensor muscles you could purchase an extensor trainer which will help you achieve a balanced grip and reduce strength in your forearms. If you do not wish to purchase a trainer specifically, a bucket with sand will do! Place your wrist into the bucket and expand your hand. The resistance of the sand will cause your extensor muscles to work and grow stronger. Now that you have understood that basics of balanced grip training, here comes the fun part, the workout!
Example Grip Strength Workout
You always want to start your workout with a good warm-up. Using an easy grip trainer and performing 20 repetitions on each hand will do!
After each exercise you should rest for around 1 minute!
Exercise 1: Superset - Medium Grip trainer with extensor band. 10 repetitions each on each hand for 3-4 sets
Exercise 2: Superset - Hammer curls 8-12 reps followed by extensor band 10 slow repetitions. 3 sets
Exercise 3: Heavy Grip Trainer closes for 3 repetitions. Once you close the grip trainer either with assistance or without, keep it in the closed position for 5 seconds and then slowly open, perform this for 5 sets for each hand with 2 minute break in between each set. 
Exercise 4: Zottman Curls for 6-8 repetitions followed by 10 extensor band repetitions. 3 sets
Exercise 5: Narrow grip pull ups with 5-10 repetitions for 4 sets 
Exercise 6: Dead hang for 60 seconds and 3 sets. 
After this workout, make sure to stretch your forearms! This routine should be performed from 2-3 times a week with a single day rest in between. Doing it consistently will make you quickly notice growth in your forearms! 
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