How to test your Grip Strength (Extreme accuracy)!

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If you are at least somewhat interested in grip strength and grip training, then figuring out where you currently rank amongst your peers is the number 1 thing you can do. Here's why: 

1. You will have a bassline to measure your progress against. 

2. You will have an understanding whether your training is effective or detrimental. 

3. You will see how you compare to others in your athletic performance 

In other words, testing your grip strength regularly will be the key to making progress. We are all moving, the question is where? If you want to be moving forward, you must have a starting point to compare against right?

Keep on reading because you things are about to get spicy and you will learn exactly how to test your Grip Strength with EXTREME ACCURACY!

Let me begin with answering the most important question. Why the hell is testing your grip strength actually important? Who cares how much you can squeeze? 

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Why is Testing your Grip Strength Important? 

1. Grip Strength Testing shows how well you recover.

This one may come at a surprise to a lot of people. I actually did not know this until I listened to the Andrew Huberman podcast on physical recovery. Grip strength is actually a great measure of seeing how well you have recovered from your previous trainings. Are you overworked and tired? Because that may be killing your gains and understanding your grip strength will be a tool that solves this issue. 

How does this work? Well, let's start by first identifying what your bassline actually is.

But guess what? For that you first need something to test your grip strength with.  And the most accurate, easiest, and quickest way would be to use our Grip Gauntlet Dynamometer. I will talk about what it is in more detail later. For now however, know that you need to establish a bassline to compare yourself to. 

Grip Gauntlet Grip Tester

So, once you have our Dynamometer, as the first thing in the morning, pick up that Dynamometer and give it a full go. You must be rested at first. This will be your rested grip strength bassline. 

It so happens to be that grip strength is an amazing indication of how our nervous system has recovered. So if you see that your grip strength has is 10-15% lower than your bassline. You know that you may have not fully recovered from your training yet. Additionally putting strain on yourself will simply not be as beneficial, so you might have to consider a rest day. 

If I had a tool that would optimize my recovery and would NOT cost me over hundreds of dollars, I surely would jump at the opportunity and get my hands on it, literally...

2. Grip Strength Testing shows how effective your trainings are.

You enjoy training. You have your Hand Grippers and other gripping tools. By using Grip Strength Measurement tools like the Handgrip Dynamometer, you will be able to see how you are progressing. 

Are all those workouts actually benefitting your hand grip or are they all whack? 

By having a Hand Grip Strength Tester at your disposal, you can answer that question for yourself at any point in just a couple of seconds. Plus, it's actually fun knowing how much you can actually squeeze. 

Gauntlet Dynomometer Front View

3. Grip Strength Testing Shows where you rank amongst other people. 

No one likes a weak, wimpy Joe. Your grip strength will be indicative of your general health. If you cannot grip more than a 6 year old girl, well I got bad news for you buddy... 

On the other hand, if you fall on the other side of the spectrum, you will know that you are doing something right and will not have to worry about getting injured when shaking hands...

Below I've attached a Grip Strength Test Chart for you to look at. If you actually have our Dynamometer, you will know exactly what the norms for the grip strength Dynamometer are and how much you need to improve.

Norms for the Grip Strength Dynamometer Males in KG 

Grip Strength test chart males

Norms for the Grip Strength Dynamometer Females in KG 

Grip Strength test chart Females


The Best Way to Test your Grip Strength 

Now let's talk about the ways to actually test your grip strength. I will start with the best and I mean, BEST and MOST ACCURATE WAY TO MEASURE GRIP STRENGTH.

And I mean, using this grip strength measurement tool this is the most accurate, quickest and easiest way to actually know where you are!

1. Use the Best Grip Strength Tester: The Dynamometer

What is a Dynamometer? 

A Handgrip Dynamometer is a tool that directly measures your grip strength. It's the absolute best and quickest way to do it. 

Our Dynamometer shows your grip strength to the nearest decimal of a pound. Yea, that's pretty damn exact. You don't have to look further, because we have made them as affordable for you as possible. We will ship one to you for FREE because we know that you are willing to improve your grip strength. 

And if you decide to buy now, we will give you a 10% code on your ENTIRE order. If you want to know how well you recover, and never crumble under another mans' hand again, then all you have to do is: 

1. Click on the IMPROVE NOW button

2. Fill in your information

3. Apply code GRIP10 on checkout for your exclusive 10% off. 

4. We will ship it to you for FREE!

Oh, I forgot to tell you about our 30 Day Gauntlet-Strong 100% Money-Back Guarantee. If for some reason, for some odd, odd reason our Dynamometer won't suit you and you will still fail your PRs and not be able to open jars, then without any questions, we will send you your money back. As simple as that. 

So act now if you want to reach your training goals. 



How to use a Dynamometer?

This is not rocket science, first thing first, grab it correctly at a 90 degree angle, holding it tight to your body. And then squeeze for 5 seconds with maximal effort. The Grip Tester will select the highest value and display it on the screen for you to see. 

Then compare yourself on the Norms for the Grip Strength Dynamometer chart and see where you are. 

I've used it before and have optimized my recovery time and understood how effective my Hand Gripper workouts are. 

Do a couple of tests for the most accurate results, but usually after the first 2, you won't be able to exert as much force as you could on the first one. 

There is absolutely no argument. A Dynamometer is the absolute best way of testing your grip strength. 

If you want to attempt any other method, you can for sure. But you will be half assing it and lying to yourself. It's simply not as accurate and not as detailed.

But if you are a person of integrity and honesty and want to know real progress then you must have the most accurate equipment to help you track it. You need clear and accurate feedback and that's what our Grip Gauntlet Dynamometer aims to do. 

Here's the tough truth you probably already know. If you want different results and actual increased numbers, yo need to do something differently. You can keep lying to yourself about progress or you can make a definitive decision right now and get the athletic results you've been looking for. 

And if that's the future you want for yourself then you're in the right place. Just follow these 3 steps and begin seeing the results you deserve!

1. Click on the BUY NOW button

2. Enter your information!

3. Use code GRIP10 when checking for your exclusive 10% off. 

4. We will get it to you for FREE!


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