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The Basics of Grip Training

The Basics of Grip Training

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What are The Basics of Grip Training

Put your Grip Training frustrations in the rear-view mirror. This digital DVD set will help you build a phenomenal grip strength and teach you all the training tricks to start improving your grip massively. You will be able to get the results faster by letting Jedd Johnson, a grip training enthusiast with 15 years of grip training experience guide you through your training. This online DVD kit will teach you how to have better workouts each time with a thorough warm-up, help you discover the impact body tension that will help your grip lift and make you understand the proper grip training techniques needed to close stronger grippers quickly. 


What this Grip DVD will teach you

-How to have better workouts each and every time by establishing and performing a solid warm-up

-Discovering the impact body tension that will help your grip lifts

-Understanding the proper technique needed to train your grip

-Train Thick Bar and lift Challenge bells faster than ever

-Train with confidence towards your goals by establishing your weaknesses 

-Close bigger Grip Trainers

-Feats of Strength and importance of tension

-Learning Feats of Strength systematically and understanding how to perform them without getting injured 

-How to waste less time and focus more on building your PR's 

-How to lift bigger Block Weights and understanding the importance of them

-How to create a program that is specific to yourself and that will help you achieve your goals quicker

-As a bonus, this DVD kit will show you how to perform Advanced Soft Tissue Therapy to increase blood flow and prevent injuries


Grip Training Topics in Order

General to specific

  • General Full Body: Mobility / Activation / Light Stretching
  • Move to Weights
  • Move to Specific
  • Magic Formula for Success


  • Placement
  • Gripper Angle
  • Wrist Angle
  • Tension
  • Set to Close
  • Skin Stretch
  • Hit
  • Thumb Strike
  • Roll the Dice
  • High Impact Drills
  • Other Considerations


  • Plate Pinching
  • Block Weights
  • Odd Objects
  • Euro Pinch
  • Chalking Considerations
  • High Impact Drills

Thick Bar / Open Hand Training

  • What is Open Hand Training?
  • Is Thick Bar “Support Grip”
  • Support Specificity
  • Technique
  • High Impact Drills

Feats of Strength

  • Tension
  • Beginner Conditioning
  • Card Tearing
  • Steel Bending


  • Individual Based
  • Setting up YOUR Program
  • Formulating Workouts – Think Energy Economy
  • Specificity of Grip Training


About the Author

Jedd Johnson is a Grip Strength and strength training enthusiast with over a decade of experience. He has been working on teaching the correct technique in grip to people for over 15 years! Jedd is a 2014 & 2015 North American Grip Sport Champion as well as the 2015 King Kong of Grip Champion. Jedd's course is a must have for people that are trying to maximize their strength and his approach to kinesthetic learning makes it easy his techniques easy to understand. 


How will this program be delivered

This is a digital DVD program. Once your purchase has been completed, you will be emailed a confirmation, after which, Jedd, himself will email you the video files in the following 24 hours! 

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