Grip Gauntlet Grip Strength Tester Dynamometer Blue
Grip Gauntlet Grip Strength Tester Dynamometer Blue

The Grip Gauntlet Dynamometer - Find out how strong your grip actually is!

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Use the Grip Gauntlet Grip Strength Dynamometer to test your Grip Strength and see how it improves over time! This Dynamometer allows you to measure and compare it with other Grip Training enthusiasts. GET YOURS NOW!


What is a Dynamometer? 

A dynamomet is a tool that is used for calculating instantaneous power through the measurement of the torque and rotational speed of a motor. In simple words, the harder you will grip the grip training dynamometer, the faster the rotational speed of the motor will be, thus leading to a display of the power of your grip strength. 


Why Should You Use It? 

If you are a hand grip training athlete, then it will significantly benefit you to understand how your training impacts your grip strength and whether it is actually effective. This is whetre the Grip Gauntlet Dynamometer comes into play. With it you are able to measure your hand grip strength and see how you compare with other similar athletes. Furthermore, you may see how truly effective the training with our hand grippers and other grip strength tools will improve your grip strength. From the collected data you will be able to analyze and see what grip training adjustments you will need to implement to improve your grip strengths. 


Features and Benefits

- Measures the effectiveness of your Grip Strength Training

- Measures up to 90kgs/ 198lbs power

- Suitable for all hand types

- Ergonomic handles for the best gripping of the device

- Fully digital display

- Powered by 2 x 1.5v AAA batteries (Not included with your order)

- Allows you to precisely measure your grip strength

- You are able to adjust the handle to make it comfortable specifically for your hand

-This product comes in two different colors, blue and gray.



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Thomas L.
Best grip strength measuring tool!

I bought this item couple weeks a go to test out my grip strength. Since I was only using the 100lb and 150lb hand strength grippers, I was never able to figure out my actual grip strength accurately. But with this item, I could figure out my actual grip strength with accuracy. I recommend that you buy this item if you are training at home casually. With this item, you will no longer be working with grippers that are not in your range.

Rob M.
Accurate Measurements!

For a while I have been looking for a tool that would accurately measure my grip strength. I have finally found the perfect one!