5 Key Benefits of Hand Grippers you must know!

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Have you ever asked why some men get more respect than others? What makes a difference to a woman in terms of a man's appearance? I will tell you... There are plenty factors like: Great Confidence, a solid first-impression, great appearance.

What if I told you that there is ONE FACTOR that would get you all of that, would you hear me out? 

If you said YES, then I won't keep you waiting. That one factor is... Drum Roll...

Strong and Vascular Forearms!

Why are strong forearms so important you may be wondering? Let me ask you this:

Don't you want to be able to look another man in the eyes without wavering? Don't you want to shake his hand and watch as his respect for you rises? I certainly do!

But how do you actually get to that point? What tools should you use to grow those bad boys? With certainty, I can say that the best, and I mean absolute BEST tool to take your feeble forearm to the next level is a simple Hand Gripper.

But right now, me saying that just a baseless claim. I'd like to ask for just a couple more minutes of your time to let me show you the 5 key benefits of Hand Grippers that will make you want to get a pair.

If after reading this article you are convinced that the benefits of Hand Grippers completely overshadow the small investment you'd have to make to get a pair, wouldn't it be fair to ask you to trust us in delivering the highest quality grippers to your door? If that sounds fair, then please read on because boy oh boy have I got some good info for you.

Let's start of with answering the most important question: 

What actually is a Hand Gripper?

The Grip strengthener, aka forearm gripper, or hand gripper is a simple tool designed to improve the power in your small, imbalanced forearms, wrists, and fingers.

Now that you know what a Hand Gripper is, what's actually the point of training your grip? It's can't be that beneficial, can it? For sure it can! Just hear me out. 

This may have never crossed your mind, but in almost every workout our hands play a huge role! Think of deadlifting. What makes the difference between locking out and failing a PR because you dropped the bar? Your hands...

Stronger forearms will be the final puzzle piece that will help you break through your plateaus and destroy old PRs.

Why can I say this with such confidence? Well, simple! Because your hands are the ultimate link between you and the object you are holding. If that link is weak, then the energy chain is broken and you are not be able to reach your full potential! I'm sure you got it in you, and you wouldn't be looking at training benefits unless you knew you have it in you as well, right...?

So why not actually reap those benefits and get the massive gains that you are looking for? 

You hopefully now understand that your forearms can be the difference between breaking a new personal record and failing it. The question now is how the hell do you get stronger forearms? 

Remember the Hand Grippers we talked about? Well, use those bad boys. They target the flexor muscles of the forearms. The muscles responsible for crushing objects in your palms.

By logic, if you have unbreakable crush grip, you'll be able to:

- Hold on to the bar longer.

- Open all of the jars your girlfriend asks you!

- Get a girlfriend by showing that you can open all the jars!

- Or get a boyfriend by showing that you can open all the jars (Hey I don't judge)!

The point is that you won't have that weak link anymore. Instead, you will have crushing cannons that will intimidate and make others respect you. All it takes is some Hand Gripper work!

So if you wish to finally break the cycle of having men look at you with an inferior stare because you couldn't squeeze their bear paw hard enough, then a Hand Gripper is the #1 is a MUST!

Benefits of using Hand Grippers

Grey Hand Grip Strengtheners Front


Hand Gripper Benefit #1 - Enhanced strength, endurance and dexterity!

Using hand grippers will get those fingers of your strong as the bones under your skin! More dextrous fingers and your woman will thank you. And if you don't have one, then it will help you get one as well. It's all in the improved motor movement from Hand Gripper training!

In other words, you will have stronger fingers, you will have a firmer handshake, you will have an unbreakable grip! And we all know women like guys with strong and agile fingers...

Not only that, adding some consistent hand gripper training into your routine will improve the endurance of your forearm muscles!

Are you an athlete? If you are, then you will be better at your craft! The increased grip strength will allow you to beat your PRs and reach new levels of fitness as you move up the grip strength ladder.

You will no longer be seen as a weakling that drops the bar mid deadlift, not because it's heavy, but because his small, frail hands are not strong enough.


If a strong deadlift, or other exercise of such kind is what you are looking for, get yourself a HAND GRIPPER and watch yourself break those PR plateaus.

If improved athletic performance is something you are looking for, get yourself a HAND GRIPPER and watch yourself get an edge over your competition. 

If confidence is what you're looking for, get a HAND GRIPPER and grow those stubborn forearms of yours!

Blue Hand Gripper

Hand Gripper Benefit #2 - Firm Handshake

Yes I keep talking about it... Because it's so damn important. You've surely had an experience where you meet some new guy at a party, he shakes your hand and you, look at him and think, "What the hell was that???" It felt like you were greeting a 4-year old girl. 

In my eyes, my respect towards such men crumbles within seconds. First impressions are important, and a handshake is one of the first things that will let you make the best one. So if you don't want to be a sissy with a limpy hand, then our HAND GRIPPERS ARE RIGHT FOR YOU! 

Make the decision now, GET YOUR FIRST HAND GRIPPER and earn some well deserved respect!

You are reading this article for a reason, right? You are interested in getting your first gripper. But being interested will not add size and strength to your forearms. 

Okay... We will get you even more interested. For a limited time only, if you get 2 Hand Grippers, we will ship them to you for FREE. 

What more can you want? 

Now, it's up to you to click that BUY. NOW button, and start building some massive forearms.

20-40$ is nothing in comparison to the respect that your new strong, firm, handshake will get you. Think for yourself. 

Hand Gripper Benefit #3 - Bigger forearms

Hand Grippers primary benefit is the improvement in flexor muscle strength. Essentially, what does that mean? Let me tell you… Girthier and more vascular forearms.

Strong forearms are the ultimate sign of manliness and power. If you want to pack some additional muscle on those stubborn forearms of yours, then implement some Hand Gripper training and you will see some crazy growth. 

You are literally one step away from getting the correct equipment to reap the status benefits of bigger forearms. 

Hand Gripper in hand

Hand Gripper Benefit #4 - No more Injuries

Ever have pain in your elbows from sitting in your office all day? This happens because of disbalances in your forearms. Tennis elbow, carpal tunnel, doesn't matter: Grip Training is the solution!

Basically, heatlhy, balanced, strong, forearms. What else can you ask for? 

Hand Gripper Benefit #5 - Confidence

Why do you need all of this? Why do you want all of these benefits? The ultimate reason is lack of confidence. You see how men with veiny, vascular forearms get treated. We both saw a guy showing off his veins and women WOWing over him. We both want to have that attention. 

With some Hand Gripper training, you will be in his place!

- You can get the confidence to walk around and know that eyeballs are on those veiny things.

- You can get the confidence to look another men in the eyes and not shake in fear knowing you he respects you from the get go because of your firm handshake.

- You can get the confidence to know that you will be the guy that anyone will ask for help opening a jar, carrying a bag and be seen as a gentleman.

- You can get the confidence to actually improve in your athletics and break PRs knowing that now you deadlift over a 100kg easy. 

It's all there, and all of that comes from improved grip strength and as a result, bigger, sexier forearms. 

If that's what you want, then keep on reading because I got the BEST recommendation for you!

Best hand gripper to buy

Hopefully now you understand what will happen if you don't implement some hand grippers into your routine. But let's recap anyways:

- Skinnier forearms,

- Being seen as inferior by other men

- Judged for dropping heavy weights, because you can't hold them.

- Might as well let your girlfriend carry the grocery bags...

It's up to you to decide which future you want. We can do our job and offer you the best training equipment available. But it's up to you, and only you to make a commitment and invest into your progress. And if you are the strong man that you say you are,  then click that BUY NOW button below and watch women's eyes slowly following you wherever you go. 

Below we have selected single best option of a Hand Gripper you can get on our site. 

What I will ask you to do now is to click that BUY NOW button and make a commitment to yourself that you will no longer choose the weak man life. 

Oh I forgot to tell you about something very important. Our Gauntlet-Strong 100% 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee is made to keep you satisfied. If you won't get an additional vein on your forearm, I will give you all of your money back! No Questions asked. 

I wouldn't be able to offer this unless I was sure that our Hand Grippers are top notch. 

So let's summarise what you will get if you get 2 Grippers NOW:

- A lifetime of respect

- Women's attention

- Longevity and health

- Free Shipping

- No-Risk Involved Gauntlet-Strong Guarantee

- 100% Safe Checkout

So if you believe that your respect is worth more than $20, then surely this investment will be nothing in comparison to what you will get. 

Lastly, if you BUY NOW you will join hundreds of other MEN on the same path of success and I will personally give you an exclusive 10% discount. Just use code: GRIP10 on checkout to get 10% OFF your ENTIRE Order.


For the elite few, that want to take their forearms to another level. We've created an ultimate hand gripper bundle to do that. Just click the link below and watch as your respect increases within months of training. You wouldn't want to miss out on this one!


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