Hand Gripper | Grip Strength 100lb - 350lb
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Hand Gripper 100lb - 350lb

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Do you want to have a firm handshake; mighty, vascular forearms; and superior hand strength? Then look no further!

Start off with a Hand Gripper of your choice and notice massive gains in your Grip Strength.

But just to let you know, we have had girls and 13 Y/O start off with 150lbs Grippers...

And if you want to settle for a girly, limp handshake, it's fine by us.

Our job is to offer the best tools to help you earn respect from other hard-working men. Your job is to use them!

So if you are who you you say you are, just click that ADD TO CART button below and prove that you can at least close a 150lbs gripper!

If you manage to close it, shoot us a video and be added to the wall of proper men.

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- Get the veiny, muscular forearms that you've been dreaming of.

- Earn another mans' respect by having an iron handshake. 

- Break new PRs by fixing that limpy hand of yours. 

Find out where you rank amongst other men in the Grip Strength Department.



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- This hand strengthener has Aluminium high-grade handles that allow you to maintain a good grip.

- 6 different strengths to choose from to improve your forearm grip to fit any grip strength level.

- We are able to offer you this product at the price of $21.99! High quality and affordable! What else could you ask for?

Hand Gripper front + Side

Quantity and Color

This Hand Gripper comes as a single product initially. However, if you wish to order more, enter the designated value into the "Quantity" box above. This particular product comes in a single color, silver. 

 2 Hand Grippers

What you need to know

The strength of this gripper can appear different from other Gripper brands. This is because of the techniques used to measure the strength level. They are different for all brands!


The standard shipping costs 7.95$. It's simple... Unless you really want to build your grip strength. If that's the case, toss in another gripper in your cart, and the shipping's on us!

But, due to the high order amount, the product may take up to 14-21 business days to arrive, please give it time!

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Hard to close!

This gripper is extremely hard to close and challenging!

High-Quality Gripper!

I found this website through a google search and decided to give their Grippers a try. After 2 weeks the Grippers arrived at my doorstep in a decent packaging. After opening them and trying them out they seem to be the strength that they promise and are high quality. The customer service is also a pleasure to deal with!

Difficulty as Stated.

Here is my review of the product, I have ordered two separate grippers as well as the Fat Gripz from these guys and have been pleasantly surprised at both of these products. While the shipping could be significantly faster, the quality was really nice on both of the products. I did indeed notice some scuffs on the grippers but they do not affect the functionality. Overall, great product give it an attempt.

Great product and service

Guys were great to deal with, highly recommend

Not so easy

I purchased the 100lb gripper and had a pretty easy time closing it for reps. So I immediately purchased the 150, 200, and 250. The jump from 100 to 150 was surprising. And equally so as you go up the line. However, as a beginner, you will likely make “gains” quick, like with most exercises, before you start to plateau. Definitely purchase multiple strengths! While 250 is nowhere in sight, I’m confident I’ll hit 200 one day. The products themselves are strong and great quality. As stated by others, shipping takes about 2 weeks, so also incentive to order more than one at a time!