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Adjustable Hand Gripper 55lb - 77lb

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Grip Gauntlet is here to help you develop your Hand Grip Strength by offering the best hand grip exercise equipment! The Adjustable Hand Gripper is a great place to start your grip strength training journey! Consistency and correct forearm exercises will greatly improve your wrist strength and your forearm muscles!

Features and Benefits

- Extremely cheap hand grip exercise equipment piece, comes at the price of only 14.25$!

- A great beginner/warm-up hand gripper that is best fit for beginning athletes

- One product, all strengths! The Adjustable Hand Gripper can be adjusted to the desired strength

- Helps beginners build a foundation strength in their flexor muscles

- A varied strength between 55lb - 77lb

- An aluminium, precise coil

- Ergonomic design to allow you to keep it better in your hand 



This hand gripper is an excellent piece of hand grip exercise equipment. The adjustable hand gripper allows you to adjust the difficulty from 55lb - 75lb. This is a great tool if you are an athlete of a beginner/intermediate level. This hand gripper will help you develop a great grip strength foundation and will help you build strength in their forearm muscles 



This hand gripper comes in the quantity of one. However, if you wish to order more put in the desired amount into the quantity box above!



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