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Hand Exercise Ball | Grip Trainer

Hand Exercise Ball | Grip Trainer

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Grip Gauntlet is here to help you develop your Hand Grip Strength by offering the best hand grip exercise equipment! The Hand Exercise ball is a great place to start your grip strength training journey! Consistency and correct forearm exercises will greatly improve your wrist strength and your forearm muscles!


Benefits and Features

- Egg shaped hand exercise ball

- This Hand Exercise Ball has an ergonomic design and extremely comfortable to keep in your hand

- Unlimited strength unlike traditional hand grippers. There is no set limited for close potential. The hand exercise ball will resist your grip no matter how much pressure you put on it. 

- The color is selected at random

- Only 8.95$



A silicon egg-shaped hand exercise ball. This is hand grip strength trainer suitable for athletes of a beginning level and will help build the basic foundation of grip training. This tool can either be used as a stress ball or a grip trainer. 



The order is set at one quantity with a color that is selected at random. However, if you wish to purchase more, enter the designated amount in the quantity box above!



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