Grip Strength Ring Purple
Grip Strength Ring 40lb - 100lb
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Grip Strength Ring 40lb - 100lb

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Grip Gauntlet Products are here to help you develop your Hand Grip Strength! The Grip Strength Ring is a great place to start your grip strength training journey! Consistency and correct forearm exercises will significantly improve your wrist strength and strengthen your forearm muscles!


Features and Benefits 

- The Grip Strength Ring is made out of eco-friendly silicone

- All difficulties of the Grip Strength Rings are extremely durable

- The Grip Strength Ring comes in 7 different colors and 7 different strengths

- The Grip Strength Ring is fully ergonomic design made to perfectly fit into your palm 

- The Grip Strength Ring develops a good foundation of flexor muscles in your forearm



A grip strength ring that assists beginning - advanced athletes in developing their hand grip strength. The 40 lb grip strength ring would be fitting for beginning athletes while the 100lb grip strength ring would fit  more advanced athletes. This product comes in multiple colors that can be chosen from the list above. 



This comes in the quantity of one. However, if you wish to order more put in the designated amount into the quantity box above!

Strength and Color

Plum - 40lb

Sky Blue - 60lb

Blue - 60lb

Grey - 80lb

Orange - 80lb

Green - 100lb

Black - 100lb


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