Do Grip Trainers increase forearm size?

This question is a tough nut to crack, but if we would have to give a generalised answer: it would definitely be a YES! Hand Trainers increase forearm size.

But hold on just a minute... Let's talk some detail. Although training with different grip trainers will take your feeble forearm to the next level, the factor that makes all the difference is how you actually train with them and which grip trainers you are using. You can't build a 30-inch bicep by curling a 2kg dumbbell right? 

Forearm Anatomy

Which Grip Trainer Should I use?

1. The Good Ol' Hand Grippers

You know those things where you have to get the two handles to touch? Yup, those are called: Hand grippers or Grippers for short. These bad boys will build the hell out of your "Crush Strength." But in terms of forearm size, there are better tools and exercises available.

And just, so we're in the clear, I heavily believe you need a Hand Gripper in your grip equipment arsenal. 

Hand Gripper Spring

Why? Simple, the developed Crush Strength will give you NUMEROUS BENEFITS. There is one specifically which will earn you lots of respect! 

To find out which Hand Gripper Benefit will earn you lots of respect click HERE!

So, if you wish to start with something, our Signature Hand Grippers are on the top of my list.


Just click the ADD TO CART button and we will send your Gripper Straight away. And if you don't like 'em, our Gauntlet-Strong 100% Money-Back Guarantee will ensure you get ALL OF YOUR MONEY BACK. We stand for quality of our products and we wouldn't be able to offer you an unquestionable guarantee of such caliber if our products weren't top notch!

Hand Gripper Front View

Therefore, it's up to you to decide if you want to open every damn jar in the world because of your superior grip strength. If that's the case, then add our Hand Gripper to cart and watch your hand strength develop!

Anyways moving on to the second tool on our list...

2. Our Signature Gauntlet Gripz

Oh buddy am I excited about this one! The Gauntlet Gripz are my favorite grip training tools that I could possibly recommend. Why? Because they target not only all parts of your forearms, but your entire arms!

In no time, will you go from dropping an empty bar to crushing all the equipment that your massive hands touch. 

If you came here to get a definitive answer to the question: "Do Grip Trainers increase forearm size?" Well, Gauntlet Gripz certainly do! Training style matters of course, but even if you are training like an absolute monkey, you will still pack an extra couple of inches. And what girl wouldn't like an extra couple inches?

Gauntlet Gripz 

These bad boys are so damn good at growing your forearms it's unbelievable! I don't think I've realised what an arm pump actually is until I put our Gauntlet Gripz on a bar and did a full workout. The increased thickness of the bar just gave me an excruciating burn. By the way, I still feel it and it's been a year... 

I would rank our Gauntlet Gripz: #1 on the Grip Trainer Tier List. 

Get yourself a pair and walk out with sturdy, three-inch bigger Forearms!

And again, remember about our Gauntlet-Strong 100% Money-Back Guarantee. Don't like 'em? Money-back! As simple as that. But just so we're clear, you won't go back to training without them after you try... 


And they're under $30, I mean who doesn't want bigger arms at the cost of your lunch?? 

But if you want the full experience... Add a Hand Gripper to your cart as well and WE WILL COVER ALL THE SHIPPING. 

Your forearm size will increase, and your grip strength will develop, the question is: By how much? 

This depends on nutrition and how you are using the the grip trainers. 

Gauntlet Gripz Front View

3. How should I train with Hand Grippers? 

Say you have a hand gripper and you are just pointlessly closing it a 100 times. Guess what? That's not a challenge! You might get a burn, and those high reps might give you some additional endurance, but forearm size will likely stay the same. You can do better!

What is better?

Training forearms the same way as any other muscle. With strategically structured, challenging volume, heavy weights, and ideally prepared grip trainer workouts. If you have all of these factors implemented, forearm growth is practically inevitable. 

The natural follow-up question is: What is the correct way to train your forearms? 

Well, with this one, we've got your back. We have worked with a grip training expert Jedd Diesel, to bring you an entire manual on how to not waste time, trying different exercises only to find out you've been doing them wrong and your forearms have stayed the same. In our Fierce Forearms Training Manual, a Grip Training expert with over 15 years of expertise, will teach you his SECRETS to properly growing those stubborn little bastards.

You will learn:

  • The #1 way to actually train for STRENGTH

  • How to find the Proper Training Volume and finally pack some muscle on those bones. 

  • Understand that THIS factor leads to INCREDIBLE GROWTH. 

And that's just to name a few. 

If you want all of that, then you are just 1 click away from having the forearms of your dreams. By the way, just for the ambitious ones, we have made this as an accessible price as possible. Yes, Lifetime full of forearm gains at just $29 dollars. GET IT NOW and we will give it to you within 24 hours of your investment. 

For Crazy Growth you have to do 3 Things:

  1. Add our Hand Gripper, Gauntlet Gripz, Fierce Forearms to Cart. 

  2. Enter your information and checkout. 

  3. We will send everything to you! 


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