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What are Hand Grippers 
Different types of Hand Grippers 
How Hand Exercises are used
Which Gripper to start with 
How Gripper strength is measured
Benefits of Grippers 
Grip Workout example 



Let me ask you: Why are you reading this right now? What made you go on Google and search "Hand Grippers?" I would assume two things:

1. You must be struggling with building stronger forearms.

2. And/Or are interested in Hand Grippers in particular.

Luckily, if even a single assumption is true, then... Congratulations! You're in the right place.

Buckle right up as I'm about to take you on a ride where you will learn everything there is to know about Grip Trainers. I will discuss what Hand Grippers are, the different types of them, how to correctly train with Hand Grippers, which Hand Gripper is the best to start with and hopefully convince you that a Hand Gripper is a must-have!

In other words, you will learn how to get that feeble, fragile forearm of yours to the next level.  However, I will ask for some commitment on your part. If you do find what I'm saying here as convincing, then don't sit around, take the first step and GET YOUR FIRST GRIPPER!

What are Hand Grippers?

Where should I begin? I guess with answering the most important question: What are Hand Grippers? Easy! Hand Grippers are one of the most useful types of Grip Strength tools.

They are the #1 tool for developing your flexor forearm muscles.

Have you ever felt like you were crumbling under a mans firm handshake? BOOM! Add some grip training to your workouts and soon he will be the one feeling your pressure!

Hand Grippers have TWO MAIN USES:

1. Test your Grip Strength.

2. Take that weak Grip Strength to the next level!

Now... How do Hand Grippers work you may ask? Well, let me explain. These grip exercisers focus particularly the type of Grip Strength known as “Crushing Grip.” This is the Grip Strength responsible for squeezing the living hell out of things. 

Want to show off at a party? With some Gripper Training you'll be able to tear a deck of cards in half, rip an apple in two, whatever you can think of!

Forearm Grippers are as intuitive as tools get, they are just two handles held together by a torsion spring. The spring is usually steel, while the handles can vary between iron, steel and plastic. 

Traditional Grippers rely on the full use of your hand to close them, with the thumb being stationary Hand Grippersand the other four fingers applying the crushing force. So, if you haven't realised, people with big hands obviously have an advantage. 

Recently, Grip Strength Training became more mainstream, and new types of Hand Grippers appear left and right. I will talk about those ones later in the article. But let me tell you something... Are you listening? Regardless of your level, YOU ABSOLUTELY NEED ONE!

You want your forearms to pop out of that shirt. You want to have rolled up sleeves and women to recognise that you work out. You want to be able to look another man in the eyes and make him acknowledge your presence. No one likes a floppy joe with a sickly forearm and an unsteady handshake.

It's simple. And It's up to you to decide who you want to be. We've got you covered. And by the way, if you are as invested in Hand Grippers as I am, but don't have a single one yet. You're in luck, because I can get you Two. Yes, Two. Shipped entirely for FREE if you order Today. After all, it's what the Grip Gauntlet is for! 

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What are the Different Types of Hand Grippers?

But, if you are not convinced just yet, it's fine as well because we still have plenty of things to talk about. You see, there exist many types of Hand Grippers. The ones for small girls, regular girls, average men, normal men and more.

If you are telling people that you have a strong grip yet can't close the 150lbs Hand Gripper, guess what... You're lying not only to yourself but to others as well!

Nonetheless, there are two primary differences in all Hand Grippers:

1. Materials Used

2. Dimensions of the Gripper. 

As I've said before, Hand Grip Trainers can be made of different things. The materials used impact the durability and strength of the Grippers. For example, plastic handles tend to be used when the strength of the Gripper is on the lower end (hopefully you won't go for these ones). 

However, as you actually enter the world of Grip Strength, you soon realise a metal or steel handle is necessary to prevent the Hand Gripper from crumbling under your crushing strength.

For a beginner looking to develop his Grip Strength, lower strength Grip Strength equipment will be enough to get a burn in your forearms.

However, for you, yes you, there is no alternative to a Hand Gripper other than the ideal: Grip Gauntlet Hand Gripper: A durable, metal handle; A sexy reliable spring. Easy to grab and train with with; IT'S ALL THERE!

And I heavily believe that this gripper should be the starting point for all people. I believe everyone needs one. I believe that every respectable man deserves a strong grip and if you consider yourself one, then GET ONE NOW!


Just click the BUY NOW button, and earn the respect you've always wanted. 

Just imagine: You go to a party and a Chad walks up to you. Baseball cap, checkered shirt, you know the drill...

"What's up?" He asks and hands you his paw.

Before, you'd be intimidated, scared, shaking maybe. But you've been on the Grip Strength grind. You Look him in his eyes and squeeze the living hell out of that his hand. Before he knows it, he's the one intimidated, internally trembling. You have earned your respect. BOOM! First impression made.

If that's what you would like to happen, then get your Hand Gripper. But remember, for a Limited Time only, I will give you FREE SHIPPING if you get 2. I just want to reward my fellow men. We have to stick together, am I right?? 

Alright, back to business. Now, let's get into the different dimensions of the Grippers. Different Grip Trainers may have different dimensions for both: the spring and/or the handles.

The spring is what controls how much Grip Strength you actually need to squeeze the two bars together. It's simple: The thicker the spring, the more strength and practice you will need to shut that baby close. So you better start soon, because a 300lbs Hand Gripper, won't close itself!

As for the handles, they can vary in thickness and length as well. Just a different feel to the Gripper. I still stand by the choice of our signature Grip Gauntlet Hand Grippers. 

Alright. Listen... I have a little extra tool that you may like. It's not for everyone. And it's especially not for those that have just started. As you should already know by now most traditional Hand Grippers use Four Fingers without a thumb to close. But guess what? There are specialty Grippers!

What's are those you may be asking... If you don't have a normal Hand Gripper, then it's not for you. Just skip to the next section. But if you are slightly more advanced hear me out...

Our Mini-hand Gripper uses only 1 or 2 fingers instead. If you find that it's too easy to close a regular gripper, firstly, congrats! Secondly, this one will still be a tough nut to crack! The thicker handles make it even more difficult. If you are up for a real challenge, climb the Mini-Hand Gripper ladder and then you will become one of the Elites.

But again, if you don't have a normal Hand Gripper. Relax, get that one, and then come back here once you can close the 150lbs Hand Gripper at least!

How are Hand Grippers used?

Alright, all this talk, but how do you actually use a Hand Gripper? Just grab it in your hand and close that thing? That was my first thought as well. And it may work for weak grippers. But guess what, once you enter the 200-300lbs league, this intuitive technique won't cut it anymore...

So how do you do it? What's the right way? I will tease you with a written explanation. You use a Hand Gripper by placing one handle in the middle of your palm and the bottom of the other, outer handle being placed in the center of your pinky with the spring facing upwards.

You then proceed to use your four fingers with and your palm and apply as much Grip Strength to the Gripper in an attempt to make the two separate handles touch.

If the handles touch, congratulations, you are certified on that specific Gripper. To fully tame a gripper, you can try closing it with the reverse grip with the spring facing the ground. 

Written description is cool and all, but here is a video that explains it better: HERE!


If you actually want to learn how to boost your forearm power, how to make those veins pop, how to lift 20 grocery bags out of the car to not make a second trip. You're in luck. We have partnered up with an Elite Grip Training Coach: Jedd Diesel. 

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But I will keep it simple for now. We have plenty of tutorials that will open your eyes. Really. I mean Really open your eyes. Here is what one of our customers had to say about our DVDs 

Grip Gauntlet Customer Testimonial

Yup... We've got a lot of content. But because you are focused on Hand Grippers

The #1 Guide that you need to buy is the: Hand Gripper Certification DVD. 

You will learn: 

- A secret technique that will get you to add 50lbs to your gripper. 

- Complementary Grip Work to get those veins popping. 

- How to stop dropping a bar when deadlifting because of your sissy grip strength.

and much more. 

I'm just teasing you, and it wouldn't be exclusive if I gave it all away for free. If you want to be elite and want to take your grip strength to the next level, then this is the right Guide for you. If you want to crush some arms of other men. This is the right guide for you. If you want to still be a weak sissy, then this guide is not the right one for you. 

I'll do one better. With all of our products, we have a Gauntlet-Strong 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee. Don't like it? Cool. Money Back. It's that simple. And if a 20$ commitment to your future confidence is too much to make... Well then buddy, I've got bad news for you...

So, if you want to act now, stand out from the other men and show off your superior grip strength. 

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Which Hand Gripper Should you Start With?

This question is quite a complicated one. It depends on your experience as an atheleted. And in the middle of all of this uncertainty, there is one thing that I can say for sure. You NEED to have at least 1 Hand Gripper. 

If you haven't used any Grip Training Equipment before, then I'll reveal the news, you likely have underdeveloped Grip Strength. While that is a little sad, a good starting point would be the Adjustable Hand Gripper. 

This Hand Gripper will show you the ropes. Gets your hands a little dirty. But, if you want the standard, the tool that everyone uses, then go ahead and get your first 100lbs Hand Gripper. If it'll be too hard, no problem, you will get there with time. But even getting one will get you ADDICTED! It will get you to push yourself and see how much you can actually close. 

But, if you are advanced and feeling a little funky, get the specialized Two-Finger Mini Gripper. It's a great choice, but it wouldn't be the best starting point in my unbiased opinion.

How is the Difficulty of Hand Grippers Measured?

If you've gotten to this part of the article, then you are one interested individual. I see you want to get into the nitty gritty of Hand Grippers. Luckily, I got you covered. There are plenty techniques that are used to rate Hand Grippers. 

Below, we have linked a video of how to Grippers are actually tested and rated. Give it a watch if you are really interested. 

And if you watched the video and were taken aback by the detail in it. Remember that THIS IS THE GUY that we are working with to bring you all the different grip training secrets. JUST IMAGINE WHAT ELSE HE HAS IN STORE!

Let's be real for a second... While Hand Grippers are a good tool to estimate your grip strength, they are estimates. They won't directly show how much power that paw of yours can actually generate. If you are a perfectionist and want to know the exact numbers, then our dynamometer is the tool for you!

What is it? It's a tool that shows you your exact force output, down to the decials. Pretty cool isn't it? Not only that, but it lets you see where you see how you actually rank for your age, gender and weight. In other words, you'll actually know if you are as strong as you think you are. 


Want to read more about how a dynamometer work?  Check this article out to get into even more details. 

Benefits of Hand Grippers

I've explained how to use Hand Grippers, what they are, and which one you should get. Hopefully by this point you are already convinced that you need one. But, keep on reading if you want to know the exact ways that a Hand Gripper will benefit you. 


#1: Completing the Strength Chain: This one is a big one, but what the hell does "Completing the Strength Chain" actually mean? You've been to the gym before right? Think about most exercises you're doing. What's the connecting point between you and the weights? Your hands!

Whether it be the barbell during deadlifts, dumbbells during hammer curls or the pull-up bar, the power in your hands will make all the difference!

Imagine grabbing a bar, weights stacked, getting into position and deadlifting it off the ground. Shins... Knees... About to lock out... BAHM... You dropped it... You failed.. Why? Because you couldn't hold on to the bar even if your life depended on it. Your hands were simply too limpy.

If your hands are weak, you are simply not letting your body use its' full potential. You had that in you, but your grip strength lacked. You don't want that to happen again, do you? 

Your Grip Strength can be the difference between failing on the 5th rep and getting three more. 

And guess what the hell builds serious Crushing Grip Strength? You guessed it! Hand Grippers. 

Stop with this weak athlete BS and rise up to your full potential. Beat those PRs and stop neglecting your Grip Strength. 

And you can break through your deadlifting and curling plateaus, in a couple of clicks. All you have to do is: 

1. Add 2 Different Hand Grippers to Cart and enjoy FREE SHIPPING

2. Add the Hand Gripper Certification DVD to get a shortcut into how to speed up this forearm building process. 

3. And IF YOU BUY NOW, we will toss you in an extra 10% on your next order. 

4. Remember about our Gauntlet-Strong Guarantee. Don't like it, get your money back. That simple. No risk for you and a lifetime of Grip Training knowledge. Sounds like a steal to me!


Forearm Muscle

#2: Bigger, Stronger Forearms: We've discussed this before. Hand Grippers simply make your forearms stronger and bigger. They are a great tool to do that. And who doesn't want forearms that bring attention to them in bars and clubs. Especially with a nice watch on your wrist, you will be unstoppable. Vascularity, veins, respect. All through proper training and a $20 tool. CRAZY... 

#3: A Firm Handshake: Remember when you were a kid and your dad brought friends over who would shake your little paw and jokingly say, "WOW, You've gotten strong." You're not a kid anymore but this principle stands, except no one says it anymore and it's no longer a joke. If you have a firm handshake, this is what crosses the mind of another man looking into your eyes. And if that's the impression you make, then you've succeeded. It's all about mutual respect with men, and a handshake is one of the most powerful tools to do that. So don't settle for a wimpy, frail hand. Get a gripper, train now, and have that "WOW, You've gotten strong," become your truth.  

#4: Injury Prevention: We're athletes and often we get injured from doing the same thing over and over again. Strengthening our forearms fixes that. You have increased bone density and better performance and longevity. Strong and Healthy? What a combo!

Hopefully now you understand that the choice is ultimately yours. Either settle for a puny handshake, the lack of respect, and mediocre gains versus the opposite: Women salivating over the veins and the size of those guns, and respect in the eyes of other men.

And what will it cost you? Nothing. Well... Technically as little as $20, but our Gauntlet-Strong Guarantee ensures that you can get your money back anytime. 

So you decide which path you want to go down on! And if you are ready to take me up and build those forearms that pack-a-punch. Then you're just a couple steps away. 

1. Add 2 Different Hand Grippers to Cart and enjoy FREE SHIPPING

2. Ge the Hand Gripper Certification DVD to speed up your forearm building process. 

3. And CHECK OUT.  

Grip Workout Example

If you did not order a gripper yet, then there is not really a point for you to be reading this section, so skip straight to the conclusion, or you still have a chance to take me up on my offer!

The last question I haven't covered but I will answer it for FREE. How should you train with your new Hand Grippers?

Well...You should train your Grip Strength like any other muscle: In a controlled motion and a controlled rep-range. If you have multiple grippers, then the weaker Grippers (The ones with which you can rep out tens or twenty reps) should be left for the warm-up only and not the primary workout routine.

Below I made a sample workout for you to implement with a couple grippers. But there are two pre-requisites. 

1. You need a damn Gripper. 

2. Use them as a supplementary workout and make sure you're still getting your pull-ups and deadlifts done!

Now, Here is the sample workout:  

Warm-up: Using a weaker Gripper, do a set of 20 repetitions of controlled closing on each hand. After completing the first set, proceed to increase the weight of the Gripper until you reach a point where you can do up to 10 reps. This will be your warm up.  

Working sets: Here you should use the Hand Grippers that you can not do too many reps with. Remember that Low Reps = High Strength. Hence, use the Grippers that let you do 5-7 repetitions and around 9 if you go all out. This will be the progressive part of the workout and allow you to build solid Grip Strength. You will do 3 sets of such repetitions to failure.  

The Goal Gripper: For the last part of your Gripper workout, you will work with the Gripper that you are attempting to close fully but aren’t there yet. After the working sets, incorporate the  into your workout. Close the Goal Gripper with assistance and then attempt to maintain it in the closed position for 3-6 seconds for static reps. Do around 3 of such sets for maximum effect.  

Lastly, it is important to note that I would highly recommend training the antagonist, extensor muscles as well. These muscles are responsible for opening your hand and are often neglected. You can get your Crimp Extensor Bands Here! Do 3 sets of 10-15 repetitions to build a balanced Grip Strength.  

To quickly summarise the workout: 

1x set of 20 repetitions with a weak Gripper 

1x set of 10 repetition with a warm-up Hand Gripper

3x sets of 5-7 repetitions of maximum effort with the working Hand Gripper

3x sets of 3-6 second holds with your Goal Gripper 

3x sets of 10-15 with the crimp training bands 

Here you go! Now you have the knowledge available to build a solid Grip Strength and understand a lot about hand grippers. Now get to work. 

1. Get your first Hand Gripper. 

2. Build Serious Forearm Strength. 

3. Earn Respect. 


Wow, If you have read up to this point I'm happy. I've almost done my job. The reason I say almost is because I am not sure if you have acted or not. My job will be complete when I have convinced you that a Hand Gripper in your arsenal is a MUST!

- YOU KNOW THE BENEFITS: The respect from other men, the admiration from women, smashed PR.

- YOU HAVE THE TECHNIQUES: to blast through your gripper progression.

- BUT YOU STILL DON'T HAVE THE TOOLS:   It's the missing puzzle piece. Finish your puzzle now, reap the benefits and do so at virtually no price. GET YOUR HAND GRIPPERS NOW WHILE THE OFFER STILL LASTS! 


If you wish to learn more about Grip Strength, you will find related blog posts below!


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