Which Hand Gripper Should I Buy?

Hey there! Since you are reading this, you are stumped by a simple question: Which Hand Gripper Should I Buy?

I have great news for you, you're in the right spot for two reasons:

1. You want to fix your whiny little hand shake and actually get a gripper. 

2. You are dedicated and we have an answer for you. 

With so many hand grippers available on the market and the main question of "which hand gripper should I buy" is quite complex. But I got you covered!

Hand gripper spring

Below I have created a chart that answers that question. But just remember, that we have had 15 year olds and women close the 100lbs and 150lbs grippers on our watch. So if you know for yourself that you are stronger than that, show us!

In the chart, we have linked every single gripper. If you are confident and want to earn the respect of other strong men, click on the link of the gripper, add that little bastard to cart, and shoot us a video of you closing it. 

Also, if you do that now, you will be in luck because, just for a limited time you can add two grippers, and we will fully cover the shipping. 

Right now you are facing two options,

1. Skim the chart, exit out and continue with your current hand strength. Or...

2. Add a gripper to cart, take us up on our challenge and prove to yourself that you are as strong as you say you are. 

Only in one of those choices you will leave a better man. So choose wisely...

Which Hand Gripper Should I buy? 

Grip Training Experience


Hand Gripper 



Every Beginner

Beginner Hand Gripper


A little

Average Women

Adjustable Hand Gripper


Want to get involved in gripper training

Average Women & Beginner Men

100lbs Hand Gripper


Some Prior Experience

Strong Women & Gym-goer Men

150lbs Hand Gripper


Have prior experience in gripper training

Select Women & Grip Enthusiast Men

200lbs Hand Gripper


A lot hand gripper training experience

Strong Men

250lbs Hand Gripper


Grip Training Gurus

Those heavily involved into gripper training

300lbs Hand Gripper


Grip Training Pros

Those that have been training for years

350lbs Hand Gripper



But if this hand gripper chart does not answer your question, then read on as we take a closer look into these grippers. If you consider yourself a strong man, you should be looking at 150lbs or bigger, it's that simple. But if you are not there yet, which is fine, temporarily give up on the "strong status" and work your way up there starting at 100lbs or lower. 

If you are not athletic individual with zero prior grip training experience:

The Beginner Hand Gripper is the obvious choice! Not a difficult close, but will take you to the next level. Too easy for most men...

If you are slightly more experienced and want to take your grip to the next level. Certainly go for the: 

Adjustable Hand Gripper. it will let you move up the grip strength ladder and adjust it accordingly to your progress. Do not miss out on this one. But even at the highest setting, it will still be likely too easy to close for a single. 

Now we move into the nitty gritty of grip training. 

If you have some experience in gripper training:

The Standard Hand Gripper is the progress ladder that you would like to climb. 

The 100lbs Hand Gripper is a go to for most average individuals

This is a good starting point for those willing to take grip strength training to the next level. Nothing special nor elite. This should be an easy close. My girlfriend did it!

The 150lbs Hand Gripper is not going to be an easy close for those that are starting out. With this hand gripper you are nearing the top percentile of the world population in terms of hand grippers. This is where you can consider yourself a real man in this sphere. This is where your handshake gets firm and admirable. Add this Gripper to Cart and work up to the minimum!

The 200lbs Hand Gripper suits those people that are really interested in gripper training. This one is a tough nut to crack, so if you have the experience and the grit to work with this one, then certainly do! If you clamp this one shut, you are a machine!

The 250lbs Hand Gripper is nearing the top percentile of grip training enthusiasts. Try it for yourself if you have the guts, but it will be everything but easy. 

The 300lbs Hand Gripper is for the select few with over a year of gripper training experience or powerlifting capabilities. A goal to strive to but a hard one to reach. 

Last but not least, the 350lbs Hand Gripper is a beast that only a few can tame. Nothing more to say. 

big forearm

In terms of Affordability: All Hand Grippers are affordable, but if you are looking for the cheaper alternatives then go for the

Beginner Hand Gripper that retails for just: $13.25

The next cheapest hand gripper is the adjustable hand gripper, retailing at $14.25

And the 100lbs-350lbs Hand Grippers all retail at just $21.99

Now, you should have a good understanding and answer to your question of "Which Hand Gripper should I buy?" 

In any case, you need one! And here are some reasons why!



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